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All donations go to earthquake victims served directly by PSC Nepal!

The Government of Nepal has confirmed as of June that the April 2015 Nepal earthquake (also known as the Gorkha earthquake) has killed more than 8,800 and injured more than 23,000  people, and destroyed over 500,000 homes and buildings. In these moments of tragedy and fear, Peace Service Center Nepal took a leading initiation collaborating and providing direct relief to the victims. So far PSC has been able to provide support to the following areas:

Sankhu, Bhaktapur | Amle Bot, Nuwakot | Thumpakhar, Sindhupalchowk | Bolakhe – 4, Kavrepalanchowk | Ravi Opi – 8, Kavrepalanchowk | Dhanda Gaun, Naldhung, Nagarkot | Sankha Devi, Lubhu, Lalitpur | Purano Gaun, Pakarbas -4, Ramechhap | Sharki Tole, Sindhuli Melung – 2,3, Dolakha; Patap Gaun, Kathmandu – Sindhupalchok border | Shrikhandapur, Khadpu, Kavrepalanchowk NibuwaGaun, Bhotechaur, Sindhupalchok

PSC, supported by its friends throughout different parts of Nepal are supplying food, utensils and the resources to quickly construct, nature-friendly, temporary shelters. In addition, PSC and other organizations are participating in various Kchhama Puja (ritualistic worship) for raising positive psychological, spiritual awareness and social responsibility. Prayers and such spiritual practices support victims through healing and counseling. Dr. Yogi has performed “Motivational Talk Program on Psycho-Spiritual Awareness” at various places to spread positive messages through TV, radio and newspaper articles and interviews, because this terrible devastation not only has harmed people physically, it also has damaged the spirit of life.

PSC is planning for community re-building by providing temporary shelters, food, sanitation, school re-building and scholarships to earthquake victims. Priority will be given to the devastated areas and marginalized communities. The relief services will be provided through local community members completely on a voluntary basis.

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